Porland Oregon

Portland......this place has got it right. They have set this city up correctly. Parks everywhere. I have to run through a park with great singletrac to get to the park i want to run in which has 20 miles of great singletrac, that's out the front door. anywhere in the city is like that. it's nutty. the food. oh my gosh....organic, locally grown is a real deal here. it is lived by the majority of people who live here and not just a few brave souls. it is the norm, not the exception. bike lanes on every street that are not just given lip service to, they are actually used by many, many people. walking paths. they even have a campaign going in the city to encourage walking to work. can you imagine the average memphian walking to work or walking anywhere for that matter. in the past week i have: climbed mt hood, did a Pre pilgrimage to eugene and saw a great cross country meet hosted by the university of oregon, gone to hayward field where Pre ran in college and did a great run on Pre's trail, did a 20 miler at the columbia river gourge on some of the sweetest single trac i have ever been on. 3500 feet of climb off the bat and then this 13 mile looping descent on soft pine duff in an old growth forrest all the while with views of the columbia river gourge. run every day from the house to points unknown on trails galore. eaten at some fantastic ethnic restaurants. drank some of the best coffee ever. that is just a week, and, that and more can happen every week around here. on the other hand, memphis, lets see....ran the tour d'wolf. did loops in overton park, read about the 400th murder of the year, watched willie win another mayors race dispite having done absolutely nothing positive for our city, unless you count being the most dangerous place in america to live. give me a break. GET OUT, GET OUT NOW. IF NOT FOR YOU, DO IT FOR YOUR KIDS............no excuses.