Life is good. Every day has something to teach you. Everyday should count for something. I'm glad I broke my ankle because I was beginning to take some things for granted. My true friends, my health. So many people did something nice for me when I was down and then there were some that never said a word or made contact. Those kinds of experiences let you know who your true friends are for sure. Man I am so glad to be able to go for a walk, to ride my bike. Just those little things. My dog Jasper is happy too. He was getting cabin fever big time. My son and I have been taking some nice rides in the neighborhood and he's done a couple of 2 mile walks with me this week at the park. It's fun being able to spend so much time with him. He's a great kid.

Here is what the training looked like this week.

Sunday-Paddled the Ghost River
Monday-rode 2 hours on the Fat Chance
Tuesday-rode 20 miles road bike
Wednesday-Walked 2 miles, rode 20 miles road bike
thursday-walked 2 miles, rode 20 miles road bike
friday- walked 4 miles, rode 22 miles road bike
saturday-walked 6.5 miles. maybe ride and hour on the Fat Chance later today.

A good first week.

Peace to all.....


Walking 1 Step at a Time

Three weeks out of the cast now. Went back to the Doc for my final visit today. I'm out of the boot and went for a 2 mile walk today. Ankle is swolen but it feels good. The doc said it is solid and i could walk as much as i wanted to and start running in 4-6 weeks. Perfect, I can run my first steps at HR. I've been riding the bike for about 2 weeks and riding is a great way to get the engine back in tune. My goal is to ride 200 and walk 30 miles a week for the next few weeks then get in a couple of 20 mile hikes before Hardrock and then make a decision. If it feels good then I'll just toe the line and take a hike. Things are looking up.

Since i got the cast off, I've done a ton of work in the backyard and got tomatoes, peppers, squash and watermellon planted. Also planted a ton of herbs. looking forward to vine ripe tomatoes.

Yea, one last thing, Lenore, Max and I had a nice float on the ghost river about 30 miles east of Memphis over the long weekend. Pretty place, cypress swamp, birds and wildlife galodre. Fun paddle.

Peace to all.......Billy


Hardrock Who Knows

Tomorrow I head to the doc and hopefully this cast comes off and my life resumes some sense of normality. The way I figure it is this........I will have 9 weeks to go from absolutely ground 0 to trying to finish a race that can be pretty brutal, the Hardrock. Sounds like a damn good challenge to me. Hell I paid $10,000 to get this ankle fixed and by god, I'm gonna use it. This is exciting. Hopefully the doc gives me a good report in the morning.

Peace to all.....Billy