Walking 1 Step at a Time

Three weeks out of the cast now. Went back to the Doc for my final visit today. I'm out of the boot and went for a 2 mile walk today. Ankle is swolen but it feels good. The doc said it is solid and i could walk as much as i wanted to and start running in 4-6 weeks. Perfect, I can run my first steps at HR. I've been riding the bike for about 2 weeks and riding is a great way to get the engine back in tune. My goal is to ride 200 and walk 30 miles a week for the next few weeks then get in a couple of 20 mile hikes before Hardrock and then make a decision. If it feels good then I'll just toe the line and take a hike. Things are looking up.

Since i got the cast off, I've done a ton of work in the backyard and got tomatoes, peppers, squash and watermellon planted. Also planted a ton of herbs. looking forward to vine ripe tomatoes.

Yea, one last thing, Lenore, Max and I had a nice float on the ghost river about 30 miles east of Memphis over the long weekend. Pretty place, cypress swamp, birds and wildlife galodre. Fun paddle.

Peace to all.......Billy

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olga said...

I like the idea of making first running steps at HR:) which is ON, by the way!