Where am I going, what am i doing....

This is the only way I can keep up with stuff. Write it down. These blogs are not for you, they are for me. In my old age, I can't remember what happened in this short life. Revised plan, '09..

April 24.....start hiking the PCT at the Mexican border and try and make it 1200 miles
June 25.....get off PCT and head to Tahoe to pace my friend at Western States
June 29.....fly home from Reno
July 1.....drive to Colorado with son Max for two weeks playing
July 11....run the Hardrock 100
July 15.....put Max on a plane in Denver heading to Memphis
July 15.....head to Leadville and leave the car and head to Durango
July 18.....Start thru hike of the Colorado Trail Durango to Denver/ 500 miles
August 15....Arrive Denver and meet friends
August 16....return to Leadville
August 21.....run the Leadville Trail 100
August 24....head home and open a microbrewery.

Man....what all is gonna happen in this span of time. This is gonna be damn good.

Peace out.....