Life is good. Every day has something to teach you. Everyday should count for something. I'm glad I broke my ankle because I was beginning to take some things for granted. My true friends, my health. So many people did something nice for me when I was down and then there were some that never said a word or made contact. Those kinds of experiences let you know who your true friends are for sure. Man I am so glad to be able to go for a walk, to ride my bike. Just those little things. My dog Jasper is happy too. He was getting cabin fever big time. My son and I have been taking some nice rides in the neighborhood and he's done a couple of 2 mile walks with me this week at the park. It's fun being able to spend so much time with him. He's a great kid.

Here is what the training looked like this week.

Sunday-Paddled the Ghost River
Monday-rode 2 hours on the Fat Chance
Tuesday-rode 20 miles road bike
Wednesday-Walked 2 miles, rode 20 miles road bike
thursday-walked 2 miles, rode 20 miles road bike
friday- walked 4 miles, rode 22 miles road bike
saturday-walked 6.5 miles. maybe ride and hour on the Fat Chance later today.

A good first week.

Peace to all.....

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Lenore said...

Glad you are healing and having fun with Max. Things are looking up indeed!