When the horse bucks you off, hit him in the head.

Man.....what a good day. I had the pleasure of doing a group ride to benifit the Wolf River Conservancy this morning. It turned out to be 58 miles and got to share the ride with some of my favorite peeps. Rick Prince, man, what can I say. One of my idols and one of the tuffest guys ever to set foot in this town. We rode each others wheel all day and had a blast. I almost wrecked a couple of times we were laughing so hard about past exploits. That's what is so good about getting older, more war stories and between the two of us, we can spin some yarn. Richard Williams rode his MT bike the whole ride and even pulled some. The guy amazes me. Also an old bud from back the day, Chip Benson rounded out the quartet and helped pull alot. I havn't been doing jack for 3 months and today we rode 58 miles and averaged over 18. I am really happy with that. It's a great thing to get back out there and work the body hard. I'm fired up.


olga said...

Billy, so glad you're slowly adding on active things AND deciding to come over to HR!!! You of all the poeple do know it's all about attitude, right? So with that in mind - lets dance the rocks!

davidultra49 said...

Glad to hear your back in the saddle man. Road biking is good training. I do a lot of that in the summer.