Beware Peaking Over the Fence

Man.......it is Africa, equatorial hot outside. I mean, HOT. It's only June 7 and it has averaged in the mid 90's all week with humidity so high i felt like I was swimming in the air. So, what does a southern boy who lives his life outside do when it gets this hot? He finds ways to cool off.

This outside shower is my way of flipping the bird to this HOT weather. I built it yesterday. Bring it on sunshine. The hotter it gets, the better it feels standing under the cool water in the middle of the back yard with the sun shining all over my skinny, bare behind.

Life is sooooooo good.

Walked, joged 8 miles yesterday. Ankle feels good.

Peace to all.......


Lee Schweitzer said...

Aweeee! I wanna peak! Living back in the evergreen district I am! Where I belong. Yea, its HOT! Scoot over. ;-)

Glad your ankle is doing better. Just can't keep a good man down!!

Take care Billy

Lenore said...

man, the veggie patch is looking great! any luck with the watermelon?

olga said...

hey, can you send some heat to us, man? It's freakin' 40F outside!!!