The year is 2007

I guess everybody has a blog now so i'm gonna jump right in too. Why am i blogging you ask? I don't know but it feels like the right thing to do at the time. To get started i want to tell you that I am an ultra-runner, part time adventure junkie and like my good friend in Lyme, NH has once told me, " Boy, you have the traveling bone." I really don't like sitting still as when i'm sitting still most of the time i find myself in Memfrica TN, (as in africa hot in the summer), a place that can best be described as a bunch of people who are here but would really rather be somewhere else. Yea, we have a pretty good art scene here, the music scene is somewhat renowned, and of course we are the bar-b-que capitol of the world and home of Elvis, The King, Presley. So why am i complaing you say? Because, somehow by some cosmic twist of fate i was switched at birth with another kid who evidently looked like me back in 1955 in Stuttgart, AR, and my real family moved to Telluride, CO and my not real family moved to here, to Memphis. So, I've always known deep in my subcontious pea brain that i was meant to be and am most happy in the wonderful mountains of the American west. Destin, FL just never cut it for me.

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Lenore said...

Hey....I recognize that picture...nice blog...but where is all the stuff abot your amazing girlfriend & how she mustered the courage and will to GET OUT of memphis to portland to study envi. law? :)
love you billy.....and i love what you're doing...AND the sting is one of my favorite movies too....don't think i ever told ya that....