Flying Monkeys

I got the word yesterday that I've got a spot in the Trans Rockies stage run that starts this Sunday. It's a team event (2 person teams) that runs trails from Beaver Creek to Aspen. My friend, Whit Rambach from Bend,OR was nice enough to invite me to do the event with him. With no altitude training and very little trianing since Hardrock, it's just gonna be a crap shoot. But, would I ever pass up an opportunity like this......Heck no! So it's off to Colorado to play in the mountains for a week, meet new people, and then on to Portland to be with my sweetheart for 2 weeks. I try very hard to never let an opportunity pass me by that will help re-define the bounderies of my comfort zone. By doing that, instead of letting my circumstances define who I am, my life becomes a constant discovery of who I am.

You can check out the race at www.transrockies.com

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