Taking Stock of the Situation

'08 is pretty much in the bag and it looked nothing like '07. 'Blowing in the wind' pretty much sums up the year. I didn't make allot of choices, the choices kinda made me. So how am I gonna make sure that when i look back on '09, i'm not singing that same song? What you do is, you make a plan.

Here is the plan......On the AT Karl trip this September I met a guy named Brian Dobler. Brian was hiking southbound on the AT when i met him in Pennsylvania. The deal is, Brian had already hiked from Springert Mountain, Ga to Kitahdin in Maine, turned around and headed back to Springer. Yea, thats right, sorta like a long out and back run but the first part was 2175 miles. Well, Brian finished up his southbound hike and became from what i can see, the fastest guy to yo-yo the AT. Congrats dude.

When I met Brian that day in Penn, we started talking about the PCT, Pacific Crest Trail. I was saying that I was longing to hike it and if the stars lined up, '09 might be a great year to do it. He was like, yea, me too.

Short story is, we have stayed in touch and it looks like things are coming together to do just that. Hike from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon, and Washington, 2650 miles, starting in late April of '09. It should take us about 3.5 months. I couldn't have asked for a better hiking partner. This guy is smart, strong, and has a great sense of humor. Nice.......and another cool thing is that Brian is thinking about turning around at the Canadian border and heading back to Mexico. If that happens, he will be the first person to ever yo-yo two of the major trails. How cool is that.

If i'm successful thru hiking the PCT, that will give me two of the long trails in the USA and will definately do the CDT (Contenental Divide Trail) in the future.

Who knows what this adventure will lead to but It will likely lead to good things, they always do.

More later.


mike burke said...

Good Luck with all those new challenges. Had to get a job since I went thru with that Divorce. Would love to come along but have way too many irons heating up. Come up to the NW for our new "100 in the Hood" coming up at the end of Sept.
Hope to see ya on the trail soon.

Mike Burke
AKA Bushwhacker

rip said...

Billy, Great to see you today old friend. You look good, old, but damn good!
You have inspired me. See you soon for some shoes... Take care.