2008 What's It Gonna Look Like

Here we are standing at the edge of the realm of possibility. The realm of possibility, that 365 days that makes the new year. What are we going to do with it Billy? Good question.

2007 is in the books. All that was done and not done has helped shape who I am. I'd say that 2007 was a very good year. I stayed relatively sober, made some outstanding new friends, I feel pretty good about the year in relation to the kids, only got 1 haircut, only worked 18 days, thru hiked the AT, finished Hardrock for the 3rd time, I was more politacally and socially active than ever in my life, spent some quality time with Lenore in Portland. Yea, I may have grown a bit this year. That is good.

I don't like to make predictions and i am learning not to project because it takes me out of the moment, but, i think 2008 may be even better. These are my wishes. Being as sober as possible, watching the kids grow and trying to be a good dad, quality time with friends, putting some miles on my passport, Hardrock #4, a good long backpacking trip somewhere new, continue to speak out against the USA's foriegn policy, being there for Lenore as she finishes her program in Porland. Be a good son to my aging parents. Pretty simple really. Be a good person, love life and don't waste it. Be unselfish with what yuo have been given.

So with that, Happy New Year, don't waste it, and hope that America starts doing the right thing at home and abroad.


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Chris said...

do you know where I can get one of those pink xl denali's