January Made Me Shiver

Max and I go skiing/snowboarding in North Carolina for a few. The kid is a natural on a board. Fun for dad to watch the boy ride.

Yea Brah......Costa Rica for 5 days surfing with my friend Steve Kirk was rasta. A very interesting group of internationals staying in Playa Hermosa on the Pacific side all chasing the perfect wave. A total surfing village with consistant 4-8 foot breaks. Man, what a perfectly beautiful place. The country of Costa Rica has no army. Can you believe that, no army. I love it. It is a chill place with a capitol C.

My 11 year old son, Max wins his first hardware in a local 5k. The little dude runs 23:21, yep, 7:30 pace to win the 10-14 age group. He will be kicking my butt very soon. I'd say by the time he is 14, I'm toast. I am soooo proud of him and for him. What a great kid. He'll be pacing me at Hardrock in a few years. Yea!

Started running again after laying off December and half of January. Did an 18 miler last weekend, longest run since September and i could feel it. But, I feel fresh. Sylamore trail 50k in 10 days. should be a gas.

Hardrock list came out last weekend and it looks like Scott Jurek and Kyle Skaggs are going to get to go head to head out there. Ther will be blood. For me, I'm focussing all my effort on Hardrock this year. I want to have a good race out there this year.

Karl Meltzer will be going for the AT speedrecord starting in early August, southbound. I have agreed to meet him in northern Virginia and take him to Gorgia. Should be about 19 days. Check out his website at www.karlmeltzer.com for details. I can't wait to get back on the trail

Life is good, vote for Obama......


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