The Plague

Holy crap, I just got run over by a semi.........Today is Tuesday, Feb 26 and for the past 7 days, i've been on the couch in a fog. Maybe i've been time traveling, i just don't know???? If this is the flu, i'll eat my hat! I've had the flu and I ain't never had this! Fever, deep lung infection, a total mess. I wan't my mommy. I need my mommy. Thank god for my dog, we been holed up for a week.

The fever broke last night and when i looked in the mirror i saw a guy that looked like billy simpson in 10 years time or maybe doc holiday in his later stages of TB. he looked ruff, with a capito R. skinny is not the word. week as a kitten. where did i go? hopefully i'll come back.

2 steps forward, 3 steps back. i laced up some running shoes and went out and jogged for 30 minutes, back to square 1. back to before sqare 1. i need my mommy.

i did however read 3 great books. In the past 3 months, i've been on the this cormac mccarthy binge. read all the pretty horses back when and decided to finish the border trilogy, which consits of pretty horses, the crossing, and cities of the plaines. do the last 2 if you havn't read them. they are definately a good read. he has an incredible way of transporting you into the west and the lives of his young cowboys.

hopefully, i'm on the mend, cause if i get what i got again, i may have to punt.

looking forward to 3 days of syllamo with my son and the hound. how much running is a total mystery now but who cares. it'll be fun hanging out and meeting new folks. it's all good!

Peace everybody......Billy


olga said...

Shit, you scared me with first sentence! OK, you scared me with the flu too...apparently, it's a really bad one around this year, people are way to close to feeling like they are dead. Huck it out, feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds about like what I had. It took me 12 days to get over it though I was able to run. However I would describe it more as a death march. 3 Days of Syllamo may be a complete wipeout for me now I was 6 miles into my first long run of the weekend and I went down on the ice. I'm not sure I either tweeked my IT Band just above the knee real bad or I possibly tore a muscle. To early to tell. I've been icing the piss out of it for the last two days and running 10 minute miles on the treadmill. Still able to get my mileage in without too much discomfort. I'm just afraid of what might happen if I decide to drop the hammer. I think I'm going to take the next three days off completely and then try a beta run next Wednesday. Then tapper for a few more days. I'll take the last five off before 3 Days like last year. Then we'll see how I feel. Frustrating!!! Theres now way I'm not showing up though. I love that race and Arkansas. The only way I'll quite is if I'm forced to. See you soon and take care brother.

Mike Burke said...

Get whole, Billy. The snow is at record levels in Colorado and who knows when the CDT will be hikeable. Trying to get back out into the Gorge but the snow is really thick here too. Drop in and we'll get a good long run in.

Mike B